1. i want to draw you a picture
  2. vessel
  3. here, there
  4. 40 days of play
  5. extended reading
  6. tenam signage
  7. clou
  8. night comes
  9. electrical box
  10. and when i see you...
  11. chrysalis
  12. batya
  13. sit-com
  14. blind drawing
  15. surrender
  16. points of some regard
  17. table work
  18. lamp
  19. kalabash
  20. chest typology
  21. color portraits
  22. space






Vessel is a 15-min performance art piece done at Tenam, a private music studio and performance art space in San Diego that showcases performance art through their street-view window every Monday-Friday at 10 am. 

To preface, Tenam is an excellent space to workshop ideas with an audience in a very low-pressure setting. This felt very much like an experiment and I learned a lot from doing it. 

In this piece, I entered the space in an intervered boat pose, 180 degrees turned, with my forhead and knees on the ground. A compliation track of boat-horn-blasts played as a I held position. I rotated 90 degrees and finally landed into proper boat position which I held for the remaining ~10 mins of the piece. With ship horns sounding off loudly, some might say abnoxiously, my vessel stared ahead in silence.

Tenam Studio.
San Diego, Ca. 2022