1. Tenam Title
  2. I want to draw you a picture
  3. Wessel
  4. Here, There
  5. 40 Days of Play
  6. Extended Reading
  7. Tenam Signage
  8. Clou
  9. Night Comes
  10. Electrical Box
  11. And When I See You...
  12. Chrysalis
  13. Batya
  14. Sit-Com
  15. Blind Drawing
  16. Surrender
  17. Kilikili
  18. Points of Some Regard
  19. Table Work
  20. Lamp
  21. Hugo Suarez
  22. Kalabash
  23. Chest Typology
  24. Color Portraits
  25. Space




Some ideas of what to do with your linocut print:

Frame and give as a gift!
Put it on your alter!
Burn it!
Write a love note on the back send it out to sea!
Use it to dry your tears! (The paper has an delightful texture).
Give it to a baby!
Make up a great folk tale and sing about it!
Use it in a ritual and tear it to shreds!
Use the shreds to make a paper mache boat!
Put the boat in the ocean and see what happens!
Put it in a shoebox and find it 9 years later!