1. i want to draw you a picture
  2. vessel
  3. here, there
  4. 40 days of play
  5. extended reading
  6. tenam signage
  7. clou
  8. night comes
  9. electrical box
  10. and when i see you...
  11. chrysalis
  12. batya
  13. sit-com
  14. blind drawing
  15. surrender
  16. points of some regard
  17. table work
  18. lamp
  19. kalabash
  20. chest typology
  21. color portraits
  22. space





A poem turned spoken word turned video concept.

I took a video of me having hiccups + a video of me having a literal fight with my brain + some butterflies + this poem:

This feeling
Most tender but not in pain
Not numb, or bruised
But deep
Strung with every fiber of my chest, neck
My forehead waits
I nuzzle the moments
I wait This feeling
Like a womb
Missing and longing to belong
Yet safe
Wrapped in every right
Believing every instinct
Desire is the music
Filling every part of my space I don’t hurt
I don’t bite or move
I only pray
And I can’t tell if you’re inside or out
But I hear you
And you guide me to squirm in my own knowing
Because it’s right and true
And it’s something of graceThis feeling
Something natural
And if it had a color, it would be red
And how is it that something can be both
Singular and bound
Suffocating and open
Alive and dead


Made 2021