1. Tenam Title
  2. I want to draw you a picture
  3. Wessel
  4. Here, There
  5. 40 Days of Play
  6. Extended Reading
  7. Tenam Signage
  8. Clou
  9. Night Comes
  10. Electrical Box
  11. And When I See You...
  12. Chrysalis
  13. Batya
  14. Sit-Com
  15. Blind Drawing
  16. Surrender
  17. Kilikili
  18. Points of Some Regard
  19. Table Work
  20. Lamp
  21. Hugo Suarez
  22. Kalabash
  23. Chest Typology
  24. Color Portraits
  25. Space



Poem > spoken word > video concept

I took a video of me having hiccups + a video of me having a literal fight with my brain + some butterflies + this poem:

This feeling
Most tender but not in pain
Not numb, or bruised
But deep
Strung with every fiber of my chest, neck
My forehead waits
I nuzzle the moments
I wait This feeling
Like a womb
Missing and longing to belong
Yet safe
Wrapped in every right
Believing every instinct
Desire is the music
Filling every part of my space I don’t hurt
I don’t bite or move
I only pray
And I can’t tell if you’re inside or out
But I hear you
And you guide me to squirm in my own knowing
Because it’s right and true
And it’s something of graceThis feeling
Something natural
And if it had a color, it would be red
And how is it that something can be both
Singular and bound
Suffocating and open
Alive and dead