1. Tenam Title
  2. I want to draw you a picture
  3. Wessel
  4. Here, There
  5. 40 Days of Play
  6. Extended Reading
  7. Tenam Signage
  8. Clou
  9. Night Comes
  10. Electrical Box
  11. And When I See You...
  12. Chrysalis
  13. Batya
  14. Sit-Com
  15. Blind Drawing
  16. Surrender
  17. Kilikili
  18. Points of Some Regard
  19. Table Work
  20. Lamp
  21. Hugo Suarez
  22. Kalabash
  23. Chest Typology
  24. Color Portraits
  25. Space




Hi, my name is Katherine Berns. I am multidisciplinary artist working primarily in photo/video, graphic design and painting. I have a BA in Art with an emphasis in Multimedia from SDSU (2015).

I have a passion for sharing and connecting to people through art and music. I believe recognizing ourselves in the things around us is important, no matter how far reached they may seem. Grasping a sense of our cultural history roots us deeper into a feeling of safety, a feeling I think we are sadly lacking in these times, especially as an American. One of my dreams is to experience a culture with a shared sense of identity bounded by empathy and respect for the past and present; a culture that celebrates life through art, music and storytelling, allowing for grief, love and joy.

My current thoughts revolve around how I may create a future that feels fluid, free and financially supportive while also positively impacting society in a sustainable way. How can we as individuals simultaneously support ourselves while supporting others?

I am seeking opportunities to further my education in art history and multimedia art in relation to emotional, spiritual and cultural well-being.


SDNvW, San Diego New Vocal Workshop. 2023
Project Blank, Working Title, group exhibition. 2023
San Diego Music and Arts Cooperative, Kilikili, performer. 2020-2021
Space4Art, resident artist. 2019-2020

Kalabash School of Music and the Arts
Revision Creative Workspace
Media Arts Center San Deigo