Katherine Berns (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist utilizing visual and performance art, graphic design and multimedia. She aims to deal with spirituality, psychology, contrast and slogan. Her works include a combination of photography, poetry, video, illustration and song.

K has a BA in Multimedia Art from San Diego State University with an emphasis in Graphic Design and Photography. She is also a former resident of Space4Art and has worked alongside artists such as Kilikili, Natula, Nina Lelani Deering, and Viktor de la Fuente

In addition to being freelance artist, K works with children and adults with Austism Spectrum Disorder as a play therapist using the developmental model. She also assits disabled artists at Revision San Diego. 

Lately, she’s been collaborating with vocalist/composer, Lexi Pulido, in the creation of a multi-purpose performance art and music studio, TenAM Studio, opening June 2022 in San Diego.
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