1. Tenam Title
  2. I want to draw you a picture
  3. Wessel
  4. Here, There
  5. 40 Days of Play
  6. Extended Reading
  7. Tenam Signage
  8. Clou
  9. Night Comes
  10. Electrical Box
  11. And When I See You...
  12. Chrysalis
  13. Batya
  14. Sit-Com
  15. Blind Drawing
  16. Surrender
  17. Kilikili
  18. Points of Some Regard
  19. Table Work
  20. Lamp
  21. Hugo Suarez
  22. Kalabash
  23. Chest Typology
  24. Color Portraits
  25. Space



Kalabash School of Music and the Arts has an annual practice challenge to encouraging students to flex their musical muscles for 40 days straight. As Ship Captain, I was asked to create a chart to track the over 100 student’s daily progress. Heavily inspired by the work of Agnes Martin, I did some math, grabbed a ruler and ended up creating a huge 17’ x 8’ foot grid made up of over 4,000 squares and dots.

Each week, teachers and students would up to the wall, find their name and place an orange sticker on the days they practiced. Day by day, the wall filled with orange dots while voids of grey and white were left to symbolize the days missed. I went in at the end and enlarged the small white dots to match the size of the orange.

The size and duration of this piece makes it the largest community art project I have lead thus far. To practice more concious, renewable efforts and to continue the theme of intention, the paper mural has been saved and will be converted into book covers for hand-made notebooks.

Kalabash School of Music and the Arts
San Diego, Ca. 2022